Selected By: Nasa Liquor Classification: Straight Bourbon Company: Smooth Ambler Distillery: Sourced (MGP in Indiana) Released: 2014 Proof: 119.8 Age: 8 Years Color: Honey Official Website:

Wow! This is our first experience with a private selection Old Scout and I’m impressed. Chocolate and caramel on the nose lead into a rich, chocolatey, mouth-coating sip. The finish is medium-length leaving traces of caramel, nuts, and oddly a hint of leather. It’s a well-rounded pour that’s more earthy than most bourbons.


At 119.8 proof this is on the high side for Old Scout single barrel offerings, as their website states they typically range from 109-118 proof. Despite this, it’s as smooth as you could ask for at this higher proof point. In fact, it drinks just as easily as it’s standard offering 99 proof sibling and just tastes “fuller” when it comes to intensity of flavors and mouthfeel.


I don’t have any other Old Scout Single Barrels to compare to, but it’s a serious step up from the standard Old Scout (7 years, 99 proof). I can equate this to the difference between the run-of-the-mill standard Knob Creek (9 years, 100 proof) vs. the Knob Creek Single Barrel (9 years, 120 proof). It’s deeper, richer, and just an all-around better pour.


The only downside here is the availability, as you will not see Old Scout everywhere and will certainly not see their OSB Single Barrel or private selections too often as supply is limited. Smooth Ambler has announced that they are temporarily suspending new orders to meet the demand of existing orders. With that in mind, take the chance to grab one if you see one. After spending some time with this one I would pick up another OSB Single Barrel or private selection in a heartbeat.



-Nick - Profiled: 4/2015


This bottle was provided at no cost courtesy of Nasa Liquor. We thank them for allowing us to review their private selection with no strings attached. Please share any experience you may have with Nasa Liquor or this specific private selection in the Comments section below.


If you have a private selection you would like us to review, please contact us with details.

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Review of Standard Release: Private Selection: Nasa Liquor - Smooth Ambler Old Scout 8 Year
About Nasa Liquor

Name: Nasa Liquor

Location: Houston, Texas

Telephone Number: 281-280-8488

Contact Person: Alex Le

Website: None

Twitter: @nasaliquor


Instagram: @nasaliquor

Nasa Liquor is located in Houston about one mile from the Space Center. They specialize in whiskey and craft beer, catering to the growing whiskey enthusiast crowd. They pride themselves in keeping prices low, and from what we’ve seen everything is priced right around MSRP.


Nasa Liquor  is involved locally with a bourbon society appropriately named “Space City Bourbon Society” which meets once a month to sample new bourbons. Nasa Liquor also hosts tastings of their private selections and new products once a month.

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