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Dates listed are when distilleries begin to release a product

to market. Individual states will vary. Please check with your favorite store or

state's distributor for more specific dates pertaining to your own state.


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Barrell Whiskey Batch 003

Jefferson's Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask Finish [NEW]

-90.2 Proof - $65

Wild Turkey Master's Keep: Decades

-104 Proof - Blend of 10-20 year old bourbon - Bottle Label

Woodford Distillery Series [NEW]

-Available at gift shop

Wyoming Whiskey Single Barrel [NEW]

-88 Proof - Aged 5 years - 400 cases - $60


A.D. Laws Bonded Rye

-100 Proof

Barrell Batch 008b

Barrell Bourbon Batch 011

Due Q1 2017

Blood Oath Pact No 3 [NEW]

-98.6 Proof - Blend: Rye finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels & rye bourbon - Bottle Label

Barrell Whiskey Batch 004 [NEW]

E.H. Taylor Four Grain (Expected Release & Date)

-100 Proof - Aged 12 years - Made with wheat, rye, corn, malted barley


Barrell Bourbon Batch 012 [NEW]

Blade and Bow 22 Year [NEW]

-New batch

Peerless Rye

-4 years old

O.F.C Unknown Vintage

- Available in Spring 2017

Willett (Distilled) Rye (Expected Date)

-Aged 4 Years - Cask Strength


E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof (Expected Date)

﷯ Rhetoric 23 Year (Expected Date) -90.4 Proof ﷯ Barrell Bourbon Batch 013 Barrell Rye Single Barrel Program [NEW] Barrell Whiskey Batch 005 ﷯


Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (Expected Date)

Elijah Craig 18 Year (Expected Date)

Elijah Craig 23 Year (Expected Date)

Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch (Expected Date)

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (Expected Date)

Orphan Barrel: The Archive Collection

-Collection of  Barterhouse, Old Blowhard,  Rhetoric, Lost Prophet, Forged Oak, Gifted Horse, Whoop & Holler (Expected Mid-late 2017) Thanks to Delano for the info

Parker's Heritage Collection: 11th Edition (Expected Date)

Redemption 10 Year Barrel Proof Rye [NEW]

Redemption 9 Year Barrel Proof High Rye Bourbon [NEW]

-Bottle Label

Redemption 9 Year Barrel Proof Rye [NEW]


Barrell Bourbon Batch 014 [NEW]

Barrell Whiskey Batch 006 [NEW]

High West A Midwinter's Night Dram Act 5 (Expected Date)

Pappy Van Winkle Collection


Angel's Envy Bourbon Cask Strength (Expected Release & Date)

Barrell Bourbon 2018 New Year Bourbon Limited Edition [NEW]

Woodford Master's Collection


Stranahan's Snowflake 2017 (Expected Date)


Bond & Lillard

-100 Proof -The American Medicinal Spirits Co/Wild Turkey Campri - Bottle Label

Booker's Bourbon Roundtable

-$100 MSRP - Labeled Batches: "Toogie's Invitation," "Booker's Bluegrass," "Annis Answer," Bluegill Creek Batch," Off Your Rocker," Noe Hard Times"

Catskill Straight Rye Whiskey

-85 Proof

Early Times Bottled in Bond

100 Proof

Evan Williams Master Blend

-90 Proof - Blend of EW brands - Bottle Label

Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey

-90 Proof - 2 years old - MGP made-rye - Bottle Label

Few Rye Whiskey Cask Strength

-118 Proof

Few Single Malt Whisky

-100 Proof - Bottled in Bond

Four Roses Al Young 50th Anniversary

-2017 Release (confirmed)

Hartfield & Co. American Whiskey

-100 Proof

Heaven Hill "New" Bottle in Bond

Heaven Hill 80th Anniversary

-Char #3

Heaven Hill 80th Anniversary

-Heavy Char - 280 Barrels

High West Blue Sky Ranch Rye

-92 Proof  - Not Sold to Public - Bottle Label

High West (Distilled) Malt Whiskey

-Aged 5 Years

High West Aged Oat Whiskey

High West (Distilled) Rye Whiskey

-Aged 5 Years

Hochstadter's Family Reserve Rye 15 Year

-123.8 Proof

Jack Daniel's Red Dog Saloon

-86 Proof

Jack Daniel's Rye [NEW]

-Possibly 5 Year Single Barrel

Jefferson's 20 Year

Jefferson's Journey [NEW]

-92 Proof - Bourbon travel Brooklyn, Louisville, New Orleans, Key West

Jefferson's New Fill [NEW]

-92 Proof

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary [NEW]

Koval Collaboration Series #2

Koval Collaboration Series #3

Maker's Mark Breeder's Cup 2016 Edition: Zenyatta

Maker's Mark Breeder's Cup 2017 Edition: Cigar

Medley Family Private Selection Barrel Proof

-126.4 Proof

Michter's 25 Year Rye

Old Forester Whiskey Row: 1910: Old Fine Whisky [was 1917]

-Barrel Finished - Bottle Label

Old Forester Whiskey Row: 1923

-125 proof bottling (Possibly changed to "1920")

Old Ripy Bourbon Whiskey

-104 Proof - The American Medicinal Spirits Co/Wild Turkey Campri - Bottle Label

Peerless Bourbon Series 1

-110 Proof - 375ml

Rebel Yell 10 Year Single Barrel

-100 Proof - $50 - Release 2 - 4000 cases - Bottle Label

Redemption Bourbon 9 Year

-Barrel Proof - Bottle Label

Redemption Rye "Very Rare Older Expression" [NEW]

-Possibly 17 years old

Redemption "Unique Offering" [NEW]

Templeton Rye Special Reserve

10th Anniversary - 101 Proof - Aged 10 years - Bottle Label

WhistlePig FarmStock

-Blend of 10 yr stocks with their own distillate  - Bottle Label

Willett 80th Anniversary

-Bottled in Bond - Bottle Label

Willett Wheat

-Aged 5 Years - Willett Distilled

Woodford Reserve Five Malt

-90.4 Proof - 375ml - Whiskey distilled from Malt Mash - Aged in WR Double Oaked barrels for at least 6 months - Gift Shop release

Buffalo Trace Single Estate Bourbon

-(Separate, stand-alone brand)

Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project Winner

-#80 - 2023 Release

Rhetoric 24 Year

-2018 Release

Wild Turkey 101 Year Celebration

-Combined time Jimmy & Eddie Russell spent in the bourbon industry - 2018 Release - Source: Bourbon Pursuit

8 Feathers Teff Whiskey Single Barrel

-92 Proof

9 Banded

-90 Proof  - Aged 5 years

Amazing Whisky

-80 Proof - 1 LT

Ancient Age 5 Star

-80 Proof

Backroom Bourbon

-92 Proof

Balcones Texas Bourbon Whiskey

Balcones Texas Bourbon Whiskey Single Barrel

Balcones Texas 100% Rye Whisky

Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky Classic Edition

-106 Proof

Balcones 3 Grain Texas Whisky

-Corn, malt and rye

Belmont Farm Distillery Special Reserve 25

-90 Proof - Cron whiskey aged 25 years - 375 ML bottle - Bottle Label

Black Button Four Grain Port Finished

-84 Proof

Black Button Rohrbach All Malt Whiskey

-80 Proof

Black Button Aged Rye

-84 Proof

Bourbon 30

-120 Proof - Single Barrel - Barrel Strength - Double Oaked - Aged for 4 Months

#Bromance Whiskey

-80 Proof

Canadian Stag

-80 Proof

CH Straight Bourbon Whiskey [NEW]

-105 Proof - Sourced from Indiana - Bottle Label

Cleveland Rye Whiskey

-92 Proof, Aged less than 2 Yr, Pressure Aged Finished

Cleveland Underground

-Finished in American Plum Wood - 375 ml

Crippled Crow Rye Whiskey

-80 Proof - Aged over 1 year

David Nicholson Rye

-100 Proof - Luxco

Discount Unicorn White Whiskey

-80 Proof

[E] Whiskey

-100 Proof - Aged 6 months - Single Barrel - 100% Malt barely aged in used rye casks

Elijah Craig 1789

-94 Proof - (Unknown if different than NAS)

Evan Williams 18 Year


Exquisite Whiskey

-Finished in Mission del Sol casks - 90.5 Proof- 500 bottles

Fillmore Sacramento Straight Bourbon Whiskey

-Sonoma Portworks Barrel Enhanced - 121.5 Proof - Aged 8 years

George Washington Single Malt Whisky

-Aged 3 Years

Giants of the Earth Bourbon [NEW]

-92 Proof

Hell Year Bourbon Whiskey

-92 Proof

Hirsch Reserve Selected

-92 Proof - Aged 7 Years - Distilled in Indiana

Hog Fuel

-80 Proof - Charcoal Filtered

Hookers House Epicenter Whiskey

-112 Proof - SB - BP - Bottle Label

Islay Rye

-90 Proof - 375 ml - 80% Rye, 20% Peated Malted Barley - Grand Traverse Distillery

J. Becher Straight Rye Whiskey

-Aged 4 Years - Bottled in Bond - 100 Proof - Oregon Spirit Distillers - Bottle Label

J. Riddle Peated Bourbon

-100 Proof - Two James Spirits - Bottle Label

Jefferson's Bordeaux Finish

-Expected in 2017 - (via Bourbonr)

Joseph Magnus Bourbon: Triple Cask Finish

 -100 Proof- Finished in Oloroso Sherry casks, Pedro Ximenez Sherry cask, Cognac casks  - Wide Release

Journeyman Distillery Last Feather Rye

-100 Proof

Kelsey Creek Bourbon Whiskey

-90 Proof - (Barton 1792)

Kentucky Best Whiskey [NEW]

-80 Proof - 50 % corn, 50% rye mashbill - Bottle Label

Las Vegas Distillery 10 Grain

-80 Proof - Bottle Label

Las Vegas Distillery Kamut

-80 Proof

Lazy RW Frontier Straight Whiskey

-80 Proof

Leadslingers Bourbon Whiskey

-80 Proof

Linfield Rye Whiskey

-86 Proof - Aged at least 2 years

Minor Case Rye Whiskey

-90 Proof - Sherry Cask Finish

New Holland Pub on 8th Bourbon Whiskey BIB

-100 Proof

O.Z. Tyler Small Batch Rye

-90 Proof - Aged less than 6 months

Old Grumpy Bastard Blended American Whiskey

Pendergast's Royal Gold Bourbon

-90 Proof

Preacher's Pardon

-90 Proof - 8 Years Old - Frank Lin

Rye Smile

-Single Barrel - 80 Proof - Aged 1 Year - 95% Rye

Smooth Ambler Stillhouse Collection: Recipe 2

-Aged 3 Years - 92 Proof - 375 ml - 68% Corn, 16% Malted Rye, 16% Malted Barley

St. George California Straight Bourbon Whiskey

-110 Proof - Aged 3 Years

Stray Rye Whiskey

-80 Proof - 95% Rye, 5% Barley

Splinter Group Spirits Rye

-Aged in Wine barrels - 2016 Release

Stitzel Bourbon

-90 Proof - (Frank Lin) - Bottle Label

Stitzel Barrel Aged American Whiskey

-83.2 Proof - (Frank Lin)

Storm Tossed Rye

-80 Proof - Aged 2 years on Deadliest Catch's  Northwestern - Rye whiskey blend - 375 ML bottle - Distilled/Bottled by Fremont Mischief - Bottle Label

Texas Gold Whiskey Hollow

-Single Malt - Single Barrel - 100 Proof - Aged at least 6 months

This is Texas Hand Cut Whiskey [NEW]

80 Proof

Tom Foolery Bonded Rye

-100 Proof

Tom Foolery Single Barrel

-100 Proof - Bottle Label

Very Olde St. Nick Estate Reserve

-82.7 Proof - Frank Lin Distillers - Bottle Label

Very Olde St. Nick Estate Reserve 8 Year

-81.4 Proof - Frank Lin Distillers - Bottle Label

Very Olde St. Nick Barrel Proof Estate Reserve

-118.7 Proof - Frank Lin Distillers - Bottle Label

Wayward Bourbon Whiskey

Wigle Whiskey Cognac Finish

Willett White Whiskey Rye

-108 Proof - Willett Distilled

Willett White Whiskey Wheat

-108 Proof - Willett Distilled

Willett XCF Version 2.0

Woodford Reserve Legacy Barrel

-90.4 Proof - 375ml -Finished in Brandy Barrel

Angel's Envy Rye Cask Strength

Buffalo Trace Peated Bourbon (Experimental Collection?)

E.H. Taylor "O.F.C." New (Original) Recipe: White Corn

Elijah Craig 12 Year


Elijah Craig Barrel Proof [NEW]

-Losing 12 age statement

Old Grand-Dad 114 (Discontinued) [NEW]

Maker's 46 Cask Strength

-Wide Release

Michter's 30 Year Straight Bourbon

Spirit by Canton

-BT Mash #1 finished in wine barrels) (via Sipp'n Corn)

Strongbox - Orphan Barrel

-Aged 15 Years - Possibly turn into Forged Oak or canceled

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection: Tequila barrel finish

(via BourbonTruth)

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