Bardstown, KY (Apr 1, 2018) For the first time ever, a prominent bourbon website will make the transition from writing and reviewing bourbon to producing it. Partnering with an undisclosed distillery in Bardstown, the first release will be called “Nesting Bourbon,” (see TTB COLA label approval here) and is the result of a totally new and innovative method of aging bourbon that has not been attempted until now.


“After many years of debate, we felt the time was right to enter the market,” note Breaking Bourbon Co-Founders. “We write about and discuss bourbon all the time, and over the years we’ve always talked about different and innovative methods of aging bourbon.”


Inspired by the concept of Matryoshka Dolls, more commonly referred to as “Russian Nesting Dolls,” the bourbon will be aged in a new innovative way consisting of a series of six nested barrels, ranging in size from 1 gallon to 132 gallons. “Aside from the newer ‘rapid aging’ techniques, we felt the requirement for aging bourbon within a charred oak container had not been challenged before. Moreover, bourbon loses a significant portion of its volume, and possibly flavors we’ve yet to experience, to the angel’s share. We wondered what might happen if you nested barrels within one another, capturing these flavors that would otherwise be lost.” This barrel within a barrel method will produce an extremely intense drinking experience for bourbon lovers, allowing bourbon to be exposed to wood from all angles. Not only will it be aging inside a barrel, but it will be aging outside a barrel too.


But this was not met without challenges. First, the metal hoops used to hold barrels together were not designed to come into contact with aging whiskey. As a result, special stainless steel hoops had to be manufactured for each of the inner barrels to ensure there would be no interaction. Second, bourbon is normally tasted as it ages in order to determine when it’s ready. In this case, the bourbon within the inner barrels could not be tasted as it aged, resulting a significant amount of smaller scale laboratory testing to determine when the appropriate time to dump the barrels would be.


Bottled as single barrel, barrel proof bourbon, each nested barrel will produce a distinctly unique flavor. “We’re excited for consumers to have the ability to taste and compare each barrel from the same nested family. This will truly be a unique opportunity and one that we’re looking forward to bringing to the market.”


The Breaking Bourbon Nesting Bourbon Series will be available to limited markets in the summer of 2018. Each bottling will clearly display which barrel within the nesting series the bourbon came from along with the barrels size and exact age. Because of supply volumes resulting from each barrel within the nesting series, each bourbon will be bottled in a bottle size in accordance with the barrel it was dumped from ranging in size from 50ml for the 1 gallon barrels to 1L for the 132 gallon barrels. The bottles will be released in 6 bottle sets that will retail for $249.99. A limited number will come with a collector’s set of custom designed Matryoshka Dolls featuring the faces of some of your favorite industry icons.


This will kick off the first of many releases under the Breaking Bourbon brand. Be sure to watch for the following new and exciting releases in the upcoming years:


Barely Legal Bourbon: As there is no age requirement for how long bourbon must be stored in a new charred oak container in order to be called “bourbon,” it was time to push the envelope on just how short a bourbon could be aged in a barrel. In this experimental bourbon, a specially designed barrel was created to allow the bourbon to flow through it, thus meeting the qualifications of the rule but allowing for the barrel to exceed its storage volume over 50x as the single continuous volume of bourbon could be considered one mass of fluid. In order to certify the barrel could be considered “new” for as long as the bourbon was flowing through it, an agent of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) was invited to inspect the special “pass-through” barrel and review the process. Incidentally their budget only afforded an intern, but he noted the barrel still had that “new barrel smell” even with the bourbon flowing through it, so it was deemed “close enough” and the project was cleared for take off.


Railroad Bourbon: Bourbon barrels were placed on a train and are travelling to the corners of the country, experiencing climate change and gaining a first hand appreciation for their homeland of the great U. S. of A. We recently flew out to Arizona to meet up with the barrels in order to taste their progress. Initial tasting notes indicate the bourbon may have spent an excessive amount of time in Colorado or possibly California or Oregon, though it was impossible to get answers from the train’s conductor or engineer who seemed “elusive” and “dodgy,” and who also failed to make eye contact and acted unapologetically “snacky.”


Box Rox Bourbon: Custom oak boxes had to be built to exact specifications (so they wouldn’t leak), and were stacked in front of large speakers and are being subjected to nonstop rage music. The constant vibrations and anger they’re being subjected to has led to interesting initial tasting it’s been discovered that only a few sips will awaken the beast inside of you. As a result, this bourbon will include a disclaimer.



About Breaking Bourbon


Breaking Bourbon was created in May 2014 by three lifelong friends who share a passion for bourbon and whiskey. In the years preceding the website’s launch, the growing number of new bottles, mounting credit card bills, and embarrassment of entering any nearby liquor store only to find everyone knew them by name had become too much for their wives. After countless nights sleeping on their couches and enduring the dirtiest of looks, they devised a plan to make their obsession with bourbon appear legitimate. Over the years that followed, their master plan unfolded nicely. Collections grew to be so extensive that the addition of new bottles became nearly undetectable to prying eyes. They occupied their couches only during the daylight hours and those dirty looks became nothing more than a distant memory destined for the depths of the past. Drinking on a Monday at noon became associated with the word “research,” and the bourbon was flowing like the Mississippi. Some call it plan B, but they call it plan BB. (Plan “A” simply stood for “Alcohol,” and needless to say it didn’t get them too far.)



This might have just been an April Fools joke, but these shirts are real!



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