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Review: Old Bardstown Estate Classification: Straight Bourbon Company: Willett Distilling Company, KBD Distillery: Old Bardstown Distilling Co. Released: Ongoing Proof: 101 Age: 10 Years Color: Auburn Red MSRP: $30 Official Website:

Nose: Very similar characteristics to a single malt scotch. Sherry and mint hit first. A small amount of sweetness hides behind a very upfront blast of copper. Leather trails on the backend of the nose.


Palate: Very flat. Earthy overtones with spice and barely undertones that never reach any height.


Finish: A bit more flavorful than the palate with more oak prevalent. Some spice and fresh herbs show up for a moment. Surprisingly, it has very little heat (and flavor) for 101 proof. It goes down easy.


Uniqueness: The peculiar nose is what you’ll notice most with this bourbon. Your sense of curiosity will spark as sherry and copper are very prevalent. It smells quite different from most bourbons, but that doesn’t automatically make it a winner. The nose comes off like it’s a barrel finished bourbon, yet it isn’t. For how unique the nose is, it still seems like it’s missing another key ingredient to make it great. It has far too much copper when more spice or sweetness was needed.


Value: At $30, it’s priced on the high side. It’s unique nose and flavor aren’t quite good enough to warrant this price. Maybe at a higher proof point this would have been a more flavorful and interesting bourbon. As is, it makes you feel like you’re getting a raw deal.


Overall: If you’re a bourbon lover, this can be an interesting stop on your journey. Its nose is different enough to warrant a quick look, but not special enough to spend much time with. The palate is one of the flattest I’ve had. The finish, much like the nose can be interesting if you have a developed flavor palate to compare it to. It’s scotch-like qualities are light but present. For some, that enough to spark interest, for most, it’s instantly forgettable.


To sum it up: Scotch-like qualities aren’t enough to forget the flat palate and warrant the high price.


-Eric - Reviewed: 4/2014

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