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Review: High West Double Rye Classification: Rye Company: High West Distillery: High West/Sourced Released: Ongoing Proof: 92 Age: Blend of 2 rye whiskys: 2 & 16 year Color: Yellowish Gold MSRP: $35 Notes: Mashbills: 2 yr rye has 95% rye and 5% barley, 16 yr rye has barely legal 53% rye and 37% corn (plus something else High West? this only adds up to 90%). Batch #13J28, Bottle #2302 Official Website: Breaking Bourbon Ratings: Nose: 
 Value: Overall:

Nose: Rye spice, apple cinnamon, brewed apple cider, and mint.


Palate: The nose speaks truth as the smell becomes a reality on the palate. Botanicals, anise, and something almost gin-like emerge making this one of the most unique tasting ryes I’ve ever had. It’s definitely got the spice of a rye, but there’s little burn. This is one of the most important elements because it lets the true flavors come forward without that layer of alcohol hiding anything. Spice without burn: amazing.


Finish: Longer lingering with plenty of spice, but still very little burn. A great finish to a truly unique whiskey.


Uniqueness: This is in a class of its own, with little similarities to anything else I’ve had. Although I really enjoy it, it’s so unique that I can’t predict whether or not everyone will find it as appealing as I do. Some may even downright hate it even if they can appreciate its uniqueness simply because the flavors are not to their liking. Despite that, this should go on everyone’s list as a must try.


Value: This jumps off the charts at $35 making it worth hunting down even if just to give it a try. Although High West does not disclose the breakdown of its ingredients, you can be satisfied knowing you’re getting at least some of the refinement brought to you by its 16 year old ingredient. I would take this over a $70 bottle of WhistlePig any day of the week. This is a must buy and could sell for double the price if High West wanted.


Overall: Ryes are becoming more popular during this whiskey craze. Unfortunately, producers can’t just crank out good juice at a moment’s notice, so we still don’t see an overwhelming number of rye choices on the liquor store shelves. Sourcing from existing stock elsewhere, David Perkins was able to create something really magical with this one as unique and interesting flavors come together for a ridiculously good price. The end product created here gives credence to the concept that the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts. This is an amazingly unique whiskey that should be experienced by all.


To sum it up: A masterpiece of not-so-typical flavors blended into an easy-to-drink low-priced bottle of awesomeness. What more could you ask for?


-Nick - Reviewed: 3/2014

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