Selected By: Nasa Liquor Classification: Straight Bourbon Company: Kirin Brewery Company Distillery: Four Roses Released: July 2016 Proof: 115.4 Age: 8 Years, 9 Months Color: Medium Amber Official Website:

This bourbon is made from Four Roses’ OBSQ recipe, which is a 60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% malted barley mashbill combined with the “Q” yeast strain. According to Four Roses it’s described as having “Essences of floral aromas.” The “Q” recipes are flavoring recipes used in their Yellow bourbon and make up a small portion of the Yellow blend, typically ranging from about 1.5 - 3.5%. This makes the particular recipe even more interesting to taste in its unblended, single barrel, barrel proof form.


On the nose I notice a hint of spice along with floral aromas that would be expected, though nothing specific jumps out at me. It tingles my nostrils a bit more than other Four Roses private selections I’ve experienced at a similar proof, making me think it’s going to be bigger than the proof suggests.


Spice hits first on the palate, rye specifically. The 35% rye mashbill at work no doubt. A light hint of summer fruits along with seasoned oak come into play, but they’re ever so subtle as the rye spice steals the show. It has a medium weight mouthfeel and good viscosity coating my mouth and tongue nicely.


The big spice on the palate makes for a nice potent start to a medium to long length finish. In addition to the rye I notice a bit of cinnamon gum, which is sweet and balanced. Seasoned oak peeks from behind the spice to give a bit of dimension.


It’s 8 year 9 month age and 115.4 proof point fall right in line with other Four Roses barrel proof private selections I’ve had. For the 115.4 proof this bourbon actually packs a decent punch, and I mean that in a good way.


This is the fourth private selection from Nasa Liquor that I’ve tried, and from my experience they know how to pick quality barrels. Folks who enjoy a more robust, spice-forward barrel proof bourbon will find a lot to love with this particular selection. However, if you’re looking for a more complex and nuanced sip I would recommend the other Four Roses Single Barrel OBSV private selection currently being offered by Nasa Liquor, which you can read about in Eric’s overview.



-Nick - Profiled 07/2016


This bottle was provided at no cost courtesy of Nasa Liquor. We thank them for allowing us to review their private selection with no strings attached. Please share any experience you may have with Nasa Liquor or this specific private selection in the Comments section below.


If you have a private selection you would like us to review, please contact us with details.

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Review of Standard Release: Private Selection: Nasa Liquor - Four Roses Single Barrel OBSQ 8 Years 9 Months
About Nasa Liquor

Name: Nasa Liquor

Location: Houston, Texas

Telephone Number: 281-280-8488

Contact Person: Alex Le

Website: None

Twitter: @nasaliquor


Instagram: @nasaliquor

Nasa Liquor is located in Houston about one mile from the Space Center. They specialize in whiskey and craft beer, catering to the growing whiskey enthusiast crowd. They pride themselves in keeping prices low, and from what we’ve seen everything is priced right around MSRP.


Nasa Liquor  is involved locally with a bourbon society appropriately named “Space City Bourbon Society” which meets once a month to sample new bourbons. Nasa Liquor also hosts tastings of their private selections and new products once a month.

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