E.H. Taylor Small Batch is the lowest priced bottle in the Taylor lineup. It is Bottled-in-Bond, which means it must be the product of one distillation season and one distiller at a single distillery, must be aged in a federally bonded warehouse under United States government supervision for a minimum of four years, and then bottled at exactly 100 proof. It presents a more traditional flavor profile, with hints of butterscotch, licorice, and burnt plums mixed with some citrusy notes. It’s 100 proof is welcomed, providing a rich experience without too much burn, making it relatively easy-drinking for the proof. It’s versatility, traditional flavor, and great packaging also make it a great gift option, as it should be appealing to the majority of bourbon connoisseurs.

Producer: Buffalo Trace

Distiller: Buffalo Trace, Kentucky

Proof: 100

Fair Price: $35-$45


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Official Website: https://www.buffalotracedistillery.com/brands/eh-taylor


Produced under the Noah’s Mill Distilling Company name, this is really a product of the well-known Willett company and is sourced from an undisclosed distillery(ies) in Kentucky. Despite its arguably underwhelming packaging, the bourbon itself brings a lot to the table. Its most notable characteristic is its creamy texture, which is further complemented with a unique and complex flavor profile that has notes of chocolate, caramel, burnt brown sugar, and seasoned wood. It holds its own at 114.3 proof, though it drinks more like a 100 proof bourbon, landing it somewhere between easy-drinking and bold in character. Recommended for bourbon enthusiasts of any experience level.

Producer: Noah’s Mill Distilling Company (Willett)

Distiller: Sourced from a Distillery(ies) in Kentucky

Proof: 114.3

Fair Price: $40-$50


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Official Website: http://www.kentuckybourbonwhiskey.com/Noah-s-Mill

Wild Turkey utilizes a standard mashbill of 75% corn, 13% rye, and 12% malted barley for all of their bourbons. Despite this, the effects of the particular warehouse where the bourbon is aged, the location in said warehouse, and each specific barrel can create incredibly different tasting results over the passage of time. This particular offering is comprised of some of the best single barrels the distillery has to offer, which are hand selected by the company’s father-son master distillers, Jimmy and Eddie Russell. It has an intense flavor pop comprised of burnt oak, tobacco, leather, caramel, and vanilla and is bottled at a slightly higher than usual 110 proof (for Wild Turkey). Though it does not have an age statement, most barrels are rumored to be 8-9 years old. Overall this makes for a fairly bold bourbon that’s layered in depth and complexity, thus more appropriate for the more experienced bourbon connoisseur ready to take on a more challenging and higher proof bourbon.


Producer: Wild Turkey

Distiller: Wild Turkey, Kentucky

Proof: 110

Fair Price: $45-$50


Full Review: Coming Soon


Official Website: http://wildturkeybourbon.com/

This is one of the easiest drinking high proof bourbons thanks to its sweet and flavorful palate. We drank this with a few friends of different degrees of bourbon tasting experience and and even the newbie, not used to high proof bourbon, loved it. It’s a very accessible bourbon that has a pleasant taste and is just layered enough to hold your interest. It’s also one of the least expensive high proof bourbons that can easily become your go-to mid-range bourbon based on its price and availability alone. The standard Knob Creek is a great option to begin with and made our Best $30-$40 Bourbons list as a result. This is its higher proof big brother, which takes the original and improves on it in just about every way. This bourbon is so good it just might put a spell on you.

Producer: Jim Beam

Distiller: Jim Beam, Kentucky

Proof: 120

Fair Price: $40-$45


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Official Website: http://www.knobcreek.com/knob-creek

Angel’s Envy begins as a straight bourbon that’s typically aged for up to six years. It’s then finished for three to six months in 60 gallon ruby port barrels made from French oak and imported from Portugal. While bourbon “finishing” has become popular of late, Angel’s Envy specializes in the practice finishing every one of their unique offerings. This is their flagship expression, and it succeeds in demonstrating what a marriage of bourbon and port barrel finishing can be. It offers an incredibly smooth yet unique drinking experience for any enthusiast, with delicate layers of fruit, burnt wood, vanilla, caramel, and a hint of bitter chocolate. That said, this may be particularly appealing to novices looking to expand their tasting experiences without venturing too far outside the box or overspending based on hype. Because of its unique flavor profile this might not be for everyone, though we think the majority of enthusiasts will find this to be a great option.

Producer: Angel's Envy

Distiller: Sourced from a  Distillery(ies) in Kentucky

Proof: 86.6

Fair Price: $42-$48


Full Review: Coming Soon


Official Website: http://angelsenvy.com/whiskey/bourbon-finished-in-port-barrels


You’ll probably see Baker’s on the shelves of many bars in the U.S., but remembering the last time you purchased a bottle may be a challenge for most people. Despite its lackluster packaging and mainstream feel, Baker’s actually walks the walk. It’s part of Jim Beam’s group of small batch offerings, along with Knob Creek, Booker’s, and Basil Hayden’s. It’s aged for a minimum of seven years and bottled at a respectable 107 proof. It begins with a sweet flavor that turns spicy as it finishes. Its full bodied velvety mouthfeel is comprised of hardy amounts of oak and dried fruit. This combination of flavor profile and proof make Baker’s a versatile bourbon, ideal for anything from sipping neat to mixing cocktails. Because of its widespread availability we prefer to see it at the low end of the price spectrum, though anything under $50 is fair.

Producer: Jim Beam

Distiller: Jim Beam, Kentucky

Proof: 107

Fair Price: $40-$50


Full Review: Coming Soon


Official Website: http://www.beamsuntory.com/brands/bakers

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